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Murderous Pursuits

Multiplayer Stealth Murder Party


What is Murderous Pursuits Mobile?
  • Murderous Pursuits Mobile is the official mobile version of the well-known Victorian styled stealth-em-up multiplayer PC game from Blazing Griffin. Act like a normal passenger to hide in plain sight, using busy environments to your advantage and kill your targets with your best laid plans -- bringing you the same immersive Murderous Pursuits experience straight to your smartphone for free.
Why brings Murderous Pursuits to Mobile?
  • The chance to bring the game to a larger playerbase, explore new creative avenues and make it easier for players to play our games anytime and anywhere is the reason we choose to do a mobile version of Murderous Pursuits.
Will Murderous Pursuits Mobile have the same experience as it on PC?
  • Yes. The core gameplay experience and mechanics will remain the same with some added extras to make the game more fun and more playful.
What are the minimum device specifications required to play Murderous Pursutis?
  • During the Soft Launch in Thailand, Murderous Pursuits mobile is available for free on Google Play Store and iOS AppStore and will require the following minimum specifications.
    * OS: Android 4.3 or Above
    * CPU: Snapdragon 410 or Above
    * Memory: 2GB or Above
    * OS: iOS 9.0 or Above
    * Device: iPhone 6s or Above
How to report bugs or questions to Murderous Pursuits mobile?
How to get more updates about Murderous Pursuits Mobile?
  • For the latest news and updates, don't forget to click the buttons at the top right of the page to follow our social media accounts and join our discussion server.

1. Available Regions

The Pre-Registration event is available for players in North America, Europe, South America, Oceania and Africa. For players in other regions, please stay tuned for our upcoming launch plans and activities.

2. How to Claim Rewards

All players in the mentioned countries will get the unlocked rewards for reaching the Pre-Registration goals when the game is offcially launched both on iOS and Android system in North America, Europe, South America, Oceania and Africa. Please pay attention to the official announcements and in-game notice.

3. Statistical Method

The amount of players who registered on Google Play and that on our official website will be counted.

4. If you have any question, please contact us through the following channels.

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Email us:

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