Murderous Pursuits

Multiplayer Stealth Murder Party
Second Beta Test Announcement

Hello, the elite guests whoever received this secret invitation.

Welcome to H.M.C.S. Britannic, a Victorian styled time-traveling airship, where a death party has already been secretly arranged. Whoever get the final victory in my little murder game will have his/her wish granted, no matter what it is.

To win the game is not as easy as you think. Other seemingly usual guests you will meet on the ship all have done disreputable deeds as much as you did in the past. Blend in the crowd, sniff out your target, sneak up and finish it artfully. But watch out, I’m not the only one that is watching you.

The party is about to begin. Have you prepared your innocent mask? I have to remind you again that this trip is open for players from Thailand for 18 days.

* Thailand (GMT+7): Dec. 13th 9AM - Dec. 30th 11PM

So players from other countries who want to sneak into the party may need to pay attention to the possibility of lags.

Please do show me what you’ve got. I hope I can still see you next time…

P.S. This is not the final version of the party design. If you’ve got any ideas, please feel free to find me in the following channels. I won’t turn down anyone who wants to make the party crazier.





Your dashingly devilish,

Mr. X